Support Plans

DW Data Concepts, the creator of Appointment 1.0, has quality developer support plans for those who would like to customize or integrate Appointment 1.0 into an existing solution or work on a separate custom solution. Our billable rate is $120 an hour. As a courtesy to support plan customers, we offer these excellent DEVELOPER SUPPORT plans:

Basic Developer Support Plan

$360 US - 3 hours*

This plan is for the person who needs a few tweaks, slight modifications, or consultation on how to integrate or customize Appointment 1.0.

Intermediate Developer Support Plan

$960 US - 10 hours (2 HOURS FREE)*

This plan is perfect for those who need a little more developer support and want to save money. Our normal rate for 10 hours of work is $1200, but with this plan you pay for 8 hours and get 2 free hours!

Premium Developer Support Plan

$1800 - 20 hours (5 HOURS FREE)*

This plan is an excellent way to save money. Our normal rate for 20 hours of work is $2400, but with this plan you pay for 15 hours and get 5 free hours!

*Support can be purchased, securely, with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover via Authorize.NET.

Upon purchase of a support plan:

  • An account for the number of hours purchased is created.
  • The client determines when and how the hours are used.
  • At regular intervals or per request, an account summary (hour balance/status) is emailed to the client.
  • Billable time is deducted as work is done.
  • The hours expire when they are used up.
  • Clients may opt to replenish their plan on an "as needed" basis.

If you have any questions about our Support Plans, please CONTACT US.

About DW Data Concepts

DW Data Concepts (the creators of Appointment 1.0) is an internationally recognized developer of custom database solutions using FileMaker Pro®. Hundreds of businesses daily benefit from custom designed applications that we have created for them; your business could be next!

The database management solutions we build give our clients better management control, lead to enhanced productivity and profits, and greater peace of mind. Please visit our WEBSITE. CONTACT US for additional information on how DW Data Concepts can help you get more out of your business...and your life.

Services and Support

DW Data Concepts is dedicated to helping businesses, end-users, and developers gain maximum value and functionality from FileMaker Pro®. We assist clients in building custom data systems that are business specific, intuitive, and match their operations and work flow.

If you are looking to build a custom solution for your company or need assistance in integrating Appointment 1.0 into your existing FileMaker Pro® solution, please CONTACT US.

Integration / Customization

DW Data Concepts realizes that your business is unique and might have special needs. Appointment 1.0 is fully customizable and we can help you integrate and/or customize it to meet your needs.

We offer very flexible developer support plans to allow you to get the support necessary at the pace you need. Please view our SUPPORT PAGE to see our support plans.

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